Remember the range rules! You can lose your membership and could face charges!
The 2nd Thursday of every month we have a gun club meeting. We meet at the indoor range at 7:30. Hope to see you there!
February 9, 2013
Members Dinner
Thanks for everyone who attended!!!
NO SHOTGUN pistols, 17HMR, & bump fire,  ALLOWED TO BE USED IN THE INDOOR RANGE! 22 caliber rifles only!!!

FOR THE OUTDOOR RANGE.  No bump fire, no 50 caliber, more rule changes to come. No shotguns allowed at the concealed range at the outdoor!!!  IT IS POSTED!!!!!!
When you enter the outdoor range. Close the gate behind you. Use the proper range for your firearm when you are at the outdoor! Use pistols at the pistol range and when you need to shoot a rifle you must exit the range and go to the rifle range. If you drive thru the range without exiting you will be driving in front of the rifle shooters!!!

On Match Days the outdoor range will be closed!
On work days! The ranges are closed. And on the outdoor range this means BOTH the pistol and rifle side are closed!​
For members with renews; we are giving you an option to renew thru paypal. Steve Osborn will send out invoices to the members. If you want to renew you may use this option or just get ahold of one of the officers on the contact page and pay thru them. 

If paypal is the way you want to pay you can email Steve at   he will email you​​ back with all the details.

The Band! 
  Slow Burn

​Come out and help and you get credit toward your next year membership!!!  Let's get our range cleaned up!!​​ Contact an officer for details!!!
Stock shows or any event in the county barn.    Remember the indoor range will be closed!!!!!!
Come on ladies!!!
Texas Ladies & Lead meet 2 times a month. If you are interested in the details contact Becky @ 806-274-8364​
All Targets Must Be Against The Back Stop!!!!!

Use the proper targets not the barrels and other range property!!!​
Remember your MOMMA isn't here to pickup after you!

Cleanup your clays, shotgun hulls, targets and trash. Let's us all do our part to keep our range clean and safe!
We may not allow Shotguns again at our outdoor range. Due to no one cleaning up!!!!
Per: Officers ​​​


Gary Cummings for winning the Henry Rifle!!!​

​​ Rule Changes will be coming next year!!!.
 Silhouette matches are starting up again. For information contact Bill Morris @ 665-1376